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Beer Cans

While the Eau Claire Walters Brewing and the Appleton Geo Walters put their beer in cans (the Menasha - Walter's Bros did not), I don't consider any of the cans produced by them to be terribly rare or hard to acquire.

Walter's in Eau Claire did produce a cone top and a couple of flat top beer cans.  Appleton Geo Walter's produced flat tops and pull tops.

Eau Claire produced quite a few pull tab cans for some contract brewing as a means to stay afloat.

George Walter's Brewing of Appleton, Wis produced four flat top beer cans.  The fourth one is like the red Adler Brau shown below.  The fifth one (USBC 29-20) I believe to be a mistake can.  It is the design of USBC 29-22 without the gold.

USBC 29-19

USBC 29-22

USBC 29-21

Silver Adler Brau

Gold Adler Brau with white background

Gold Adler Brau with cream background

George Walter's also produced some pull tab cans.  Shown below are some tab tops of their beercans.  The zip top and juice top were first produced right after the flat top cans and before the typical tab top that most people would recognize.

USBC II 32-20

USBC II 32-21

USBC II 32-21

Pictured to the right is an Adler Brau Zip Top can that you will notice is an orange red can and the eagle is a deeper copper/gold color

Zip top

Juice top

Pull tab

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