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Below are the many signs, prints, glass items that the Walters name was put on.

Click on any image to enlarge it.

As far as being rare for Walter's cardboard signs, it pretty much does not get any tougher than the dog set for Eau Claire Walter's

Irish Setter

All three are 3D signs.  The wood logs are framed above the dog image.


I'm aware of one other known set...


How they are hanging on the wall in the house

Tough Merry Christmas sign

This is a 1950's prototype sign.

I'm guessing these are either window or door louvers or from a point of sale display item.  Either way, this is my favorite Walters piece.

If anybody has any additional information about this, please let me know.  Thanks.


John Walter Vitrolite

Adler Brau sign showing the silver Adler Brau flat top

Tough to find this mirror in really clean condition.

Never used 3-D Pheasant sign.  The bark edges would fold up

Never used 3-D mallard sign.  The mallard is one tough sign to find.  The Pheasant is much more common.

This might be the oddest sign of them all for Walters.  Here you have a lobster and fish sign.  What is odd about this, is Walters is from Wisconsin and never distributed their beer on either coast.  So, it is just an odd sign to produce and not certain what their target audience would be.

Another rare Walters sign showing a masterpiece of Fine Brewing.  The red in Walters is faded somewhat, but have never seen another.

Adler Brau fan from Geo Walters, Appleton

Rare deer head 3-D sign.  Don't see to many with all of the antlers intact. 

Interesting to note, there is also an exact match of the sign with the deer looking to the left also.

These are Walters fans.  Very colorful items.  I'm aware of five of them, are there more?

This is what the back of the fans show.  It states Walter Brewing.

Fairly hard to find this set of Adler Brau signs from the 1940's from Geo Walters.  Here the man enjoying an Adler Brau.

Here is the other one of the set.  The lady enjoying an Adler Brau.