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Gallon Boxes

One of the fascinating areas I find are the Gallon cans boxes.  I'm amazed that any have survived.  Shown below are the gallon can boxes that I have obtained through the years. 

It is interesting to note that the boxes came in various configurations.  Some held 4 cans, 6 cans and even 3 cans.  Modern day boxes (i.e. for the 5 liter cans) can be found holding 2 cans.

We start off with a Koch's box.  This held four 1 gallon cans.

This Hudepohl box also held four 1 gallon cans.

This Walters box is the toughie of this group.  It also only held three of their 1 gallon cans.

Another tough box to locate is this 4 can 102 Draft box.

Thanks Roger!

Super tough Lederbrau 1/2 gallon box.  Held 6 gallon cans

Lederbrau full gallon box.  Held 6 gallon cans

Tough Kegle Brau box that held 6 of their gallon cans

Kingsbury Draft for six gallon cans

Standard Dry Ale box that actually held six of their 1 gallon cans.

Next up is a Standard Beer that also held six gallon cans.

Topper is the final six can box.

An Old Bohemium box that held four of the gallon cans.

Here we have a Blitz box that contained four 1 gallon gans.

Tough Holihans box

Here we have a recent addition, it is the box for the Berghoff 5 liter can.  Two were contained the box.