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Gallon Signs

Signs or store displays are rare items to find for Gallon cans.  Listed below are the couple that I have.

Advertisment for Topper Draught Beer

Had never seen this large 36" banner sign advertising Koch's Draft beer in Gallon cans before I picked it up.

Lederbrau Display sign.  Next image shows how it would have looked in the store.

Same Lederbrau sign and can.

While many gallon collectors think this is a sign for Kochs Deer Run Ale gallon can, I do not believe it to be so.  I included it for completeness, but Deer Run Ale also came in bottles and unless the sign has a gallon can on it (or says "gallon"), I don't really put it in the gallon breweriana category.

Pretty difficult Hudepohl sign advertising Hudepohl gallon cans.