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Gallon Breweriana

Gallon Breweriana is one of the under-rated aspects of general Breweriana collecting.  The gallon cans (128oz) cans were produced in a relatively short window.  This being basically the 1960's to the very early 1970's. 

Thus, as you might expect, the brewerania produced for gallon cans during this short window was also few and far between.  The little that exists consists of the boxes that the can came in, some signs, taps and some misc items.

The links above will allow you to explore some of the Gallon Breweriana that I have accumulated over time.  I'm aware of about 5 other Gallon Breweriana pieces currently located in other collections.  I'm always on the look-out for more and if you have any that you are looking to get rid of, I would buy or trade for it.  Please contact me at gallon-cans@charter.net if you have anything or just want to talk about gallons in general.

How some of my gallon cans are currently displayed on the wall in our master bedroom.  Move the mouse over each picture.