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Punch Boards

Punch boards

Punchboards were essentially gambling devices where for a price of a penny, nickle, dime, etc.,  the customer punched out a seal covering a pre-drilled hole and exposed a slip of paper with a number or symbols on it.  This basically corresponded to a chart that would tell the customer if their number was a winner.  You could win beer, money, and other prizes.

I highly recommend visiting Marcus Stafford's website www.punchboard.com for additional info on punchboards in general.  It's a very informative and nicely down website.

I collect punchboards that have beer logos advertising on them.  They can be fairly difficult to locate.

Two new ones added recently - see below!

Coors Punchboard with their oldest flat beer can pictured on it.

Another Coors Punch Board.  Still 5 cents, but on a larger board.

Yet another style Coors one.  The red is a little faded and "Coors" has a rip in it, but have never seen this color combo style before.  This one also has a built-in stand for the punch board to sit upright

Century Beer Punchboard

Rare Punchboard with Blatz cone top pictured.  Any punchboards with cone tops on them are tough to find.  The majority of them have either beer bottles or beer cans.

Probably one of the toughest beer punch boards to locate.  A Butte Special Conetop is pictured.

Pabst O/I beer can from the 1930's pictured on this punchboard

A different style punch board with another Pabst O/I beer can from the 1930's

Punchboard with the Red Miller O/I can pictured.

Another example of the Red Miller O/I can pictured.  I'd lean to this one being more difficult to find than the other.  Both are from the 1930's.

Potosi collectors know that this can be pretty tough punchboard to find these days.

Tough punchboard with a bottle of Walter's beer on it.  It looks washed out because it is still in its original wrapper.

Second Walter's Punchboard

And still a third style.

While this punch board does not contain a brand name, it is still an older punchboard and shows picnic style bottles that you could win.

This is also a difficult Great Falls Select punchboard.  While not in super great shape, I almost never see this one.  I'm looking for an upgrade

This is a Schmidt's City Club Beer punchboard.  While this style exists, this punch board is a fake.  The top label was photocopied and glued on (bad job of it too).  I included it because I'm looking for the authentic one.


Probably the most common beer-type punchboard that I see.  It's very small (about 3" tall), and I do see this one all the time.

Another Butte Speical punchboard.

Little dirty, but I have never seen another.