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Gallon Cans

U.S. gallon cans (128oz version) are from an age over 40 years ago.  They started in the 1960's and quickly died away by the early 1970's.  There are serveral theory's as to why the cans were not popular, of which I will not get into at this time.  But, I think they are a fascinating part of the Beer Can and breweriana collecting world.

Gallon cans contained 128 ounces of beer (compared to the 170 ounces that today's 5 liter cans hold).

The below gallon cans were photographed from my personal collection and are not for sale.

There are several variants to the gallon cans shown that I did not include.

Examples would be different color tops (Gettelman):

Also, just different design on top (Regal Select):

Ballantine Ale

Ballantine Beer

Blitz Beer

Canadian Ace



Gettelman Bock

Grace Bros


Hudepohl Beer

Kegle Brau


Can bodies were produced by different can companies and resulted in a "short" and tall" version of the same gallons.

Koch's and Hudepohl are examples of these:

Yet another example of a variant, would be a side panel or brewery information different for the same can (Draft):

A final example of a varient, would be  the can displaying "Net Contents One Gallon" or not.  Below example is a 102 Gallon:


Koch's Beer

Koch's Deer Run Ale

Lederbrau Beer

Lederbrau Beer 1/2 gallon

Old Bohemian Beer


Pfeiffer Beer

Regal Select Beer

Standard Dry Ale

Standard Beer

Sterling Ale

Sterling Beer

Topper Beer

Walters Beer